Roof Painting

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12 Year Guarantee by Easy Flow Gutters

The first coat of paint that your roof gets should certainly not be its last. Continued roof painting over the years will ensure your roof doesn’t experience unexpected leaks, weakness in certain areas and blocked valleys (on tiled roofs), which can cause serious concerns.

our roof painting services include

New roof painting

Roof revamps & repairs/touch ups

Airless roof spraying

Industrial and household roof painting is a task best left to the professionals for two reasons:

  • The correct sealers and paints will be used
  • During roof painting, the roof can be checked for potential and existing problem areas.

At Easy Flow Gutters, we are Plascon and Stevenson approved and will ensure your roof is thoroughly assessed and evaluated before we advise you on the condition and precisely what will be required to repair and maintain its condition.

what does the process of roof painting require:

If you are thinking about handling your industrial or household roof painting yourself, think again. It is not as simple as just climbing onto your roof and applying a fresh coat of paint. For starters you will need to use a high pressure cleaner to remove any fungus, dirt, grime and potentially loose paint. On tiled roofs, acrylic patching material is typically used to repair any damage to the ridging and all tiles are checked for damage too. Damaged tiles must be repaired with acrylic material and on tin roofs, all screws are checked and sealed with a latex compound.