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Besides gutter installation, maintenance and repairsEasy Flow Gutters specialises in the supply and installation of a number of other roofing goods. When Easy Flow Gutters installs and maintains your gutters, we can also assist you in the installation and maintenance of fascia boards and barge boards. Easy Flow Gutters can also install top-of-the-range leaf guards on all your gutter systems, preventing the build-up of dry leaves and dirt, and assisting in the maintenance of your gutters.



Gutter cleaning in pretoria and surrounds

Fascia boards, barge boards and leaf guards complete our range of installation and maintenance goods, but we also offer the additional service of gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance. We ensure that all your gutters are properly cleaned through our routine maintenance service which can be arranged between Easy Flow Gutters and the customer. 


  • Checking gutters for rust, corrosion and holes. 
  • Making sure that gutters are properly sealed, and that there is no chipping paint or gaps between gutter seams. 
  • Safely cleaning gutters with cutting-edge gutter cleaning equipment.  
  • Making sure that the proper chemicals are used for all gutter cleaning.  
  • Looking for other signs of damage and wear-and-tear. 
  • Ensuring that repairs are made to damaged gutters. 

Easy Flow Gutters’ gutter repairs are done using only high-quality gutter materials and parts. All gutter repairs will be done to ensure that your gutters last longer and are built stronger.


Easy Flow Gutters can provide leaf guard installation for both household gutters as well as industrial gutters. Our leaf guards are expertly installed to ensure compatibility with your gutter systems, and the meshed platform provides a guard against fallen detritus and leaves which would otherwise block your gutters and create leaks. Leaf guards are a first and most crucial step to ensuring effective gutter maintenance, and are proven to extend the lifespan of all gutter systems.



Easy Flow Gutters provides waterproofing services for those businesses and residences that require protection from the elements. Easy Flow Gutters can ensure effective waterproofing installations for all roof types.

barge boards and fascia boards

The bargeboard runs along a home or office building’s gables, and is an important fixture that completes the look of the building. The fascia runs along the lower edge of the roof, and besides being an attractive fixture, it also supports the tiles above and carries the guttering simultaneously. Ensure that your bargeboards and fascia boards are correctly installed when you do your gutters. The team at Easy Flow Gutters specialises in the installation and maintenance of bargeboards and fascia boards, so make sure you contact us at your next opportunity.